Note to attendees: This is material that we expect you to read during the workshop, not before it.
Ask your TA questions! They are here to help you understand what you are doing as you go through the tutorial. If you just go through the tutorial mechanically, you won't learn or remember nearly as much.


We're doing all our work inside the Vagrant virtual machine. We need to start and connect to Vagrant before doing the exercises. Here's a cheat sheet.

The /workspace folder is shared between your laptop and Vagrant - like Google Docs or DropBox.
When you save code in the editor, put it in this shared folder

We suggest opening Sublime Text to show your workspace directory. It will open up a side bar that shows all the folders and files you're making. It makes it easier to see what's happening and to edit files. In the File menu, select Open, then click on your workspace directory.

Saturday Curriculum

Optional Review: Learning Ruby

Starting a New Rails Application

Models, Scaffolding, and Migrations

Model Associations and 'MVC'

Rails Navigation, Links, and Routes

Vote on your favorite TV show!

BONUS TRACK: Deploying to the Web with Git and Heroku

Wrapping Up